• Asus ZenFone 5 at Rs. 7,999
    Jan 27 , 2015
    Asus ZenFone 5 Variant With 1.2GHz SoC, 8GB Storage Launched at Rs. 7,999
    Asus has launched a new variant of its immensely popular ZenFone 5, called the ZenFone 5 (A501CG-2B509WWE), priced at just Rs. 7,999. The new ZenFone 5 variant is now available to buy on Flipkart.
  • Cyber Crime Increases In India
    Jan 05 , 2015
    The number of cyber crimes in India may touch 300,000 in 2015, almost double the level of last year, causing havoc in the financial space, security establishment and social fabric, a study said.
  • Xiaomi Redmi 2
    Jan 05 , 2015
    Xiaomi on Sunday finally launched the much-anticipated successor to the Redmi 1S, the Redmi 2. The new entry-level smartphone will go on sale in China starting January 9 and is priced at CNY 699 (roughly Rs. 7,100).
  • Dec 29 , 2014
    Many people believe that Google is just a popular search engine that helps them find a useful and necessary information. However, there are a few tricks you may want to try and to use every time you need to find something important.
  • Dec 29 , 2014
    Android isn't as controlled and regulated as its iOS competitor. No matter what version of the OS you're running, it's basically a tinkerer's dream.


  • Dec 27 , 2014
    The long-awaited winter is finally here and cold winds are sweeping across the northern parts of the country. Now is the time to pack your bags and head for some of the popular destinations in India that completely change in character during these months.
  • Dec 23 , 2014
    11 stunning Indian hotels you probably haven't stayed at but should Intimate, comfortable and often eccentric in the best of ways, India is dotted with charming hotels that reward those who stray off the beaten path. From futuristic glass boxes to historic hideaways, these charming alcoves of hospitality are as much worth a visit as the destination itself.
  • Dec 23 , 2014
    There are more than one billion tourists in the world, but some destinations don't get quite as many visitors as you would expect.
  • Dec 20 , 2014
    New Year is the best time to celebrate and take holiday from a busy schedule. Everyone wants to enjoy this big occasion with family or friends. The short period between Christmas and New Year makes this time the best to enjoy.
  • Dec 20 , 2014
    Miss World 2014: South African beauty wins the pageant
    South Africa's Rolene Strauss bagged the Miss World 2014 title here Sunday.

    The 22-year-old was crowned by Miss World 2013 Megan Young, who also co-hosted the pageant with Tim Vincent.

    Rolene, a medical student, said that her family made her who she is today. She praised her father's influence and for interesting her in medicine, her mother for teaching her the power of the mind and her brother, for compassion and patience.
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    Jan 27 , 2015
    What it's about:
    It’s time to rejoice as director Neeraj Pandey ventures into a new genre in commercial cinema – keeping it sensible, taut and at the same time, completely mainstream.
  • PK A 300 Cr Movie
    Jan 05 , 2015
    PK has created history at domestic box office setting a new club of Rs 300 cr - an astonishing milestone, which none of the other Bollywood biggies has ever achieved.

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11 unique indian hotels you must stay at

11 stunning Indian hotels you probably haven't stayed at but should Intimate, comfortable and often eccentric in the best of ways, India is dotted with charming hotels that reward those who stray off the beaten path. From futuristic glass boxes to historic hideaways, these charming alcoves of hospitality are as much worth a visit as the destination itself.

Chhatra Sagar, Rajasthan
The peace of the countryside, the star spangled night sky and alfresco dining are some the luxuries offered at Chhatra Sagar, an intimate retreat situated two-and-a-half-hours east of Jodhpur. Thirteen luxury tents are pitched on a 100-year-old reservoir that manages to capture the essence of the Rajput lifestyle.

Amanbagh, Rajasthan
A quiet retreat on the outskirts of Jaipur, Amanbagh is a verdant oasis of palm, fruit and eucalyptus trees. Rose-tinted walls, domed cupolas, pool pavilions and shaded courtyards echo the palatial elegance of the Mughal era, offering you a pampered, royal stay.

The Chalets Naldhera, Himachal Pradesh
Nestled in a thickly forested mountain spur and inspired by Swiss chalet architecture, The Chalets Naldhera can truly be described as a home away from home. Every room has spectacular views—the misty morning clouds, the patch of forest with imposing cedar trees, and the immaculately manicured lawns.

Shakti 360 Leti, Uttarakhand
The jagged white peaks of the Hiramani glacier bear down on you from the north, while to the east, Nepalese snow-caps twinkle in the glittery distance—Shakti 360 Leti is all about living in the lap of solar-powered luxury. Four futuristic glass, wood and stone cabins are perched on a stunningly remote mountaintop that commands knockout views of the north-western Himalayas.

Forsyth Lodge, Madhya Pradesh
A stunning, personalised wildlife retreat on the fringes of the Satpura National Park, Forsyth Lodge promises to bring you closer to India’s spectacular wildlife. Ride on top of an elephant for an hour-long trample through the jungle, stretch out on a charpoy on the porch of your private cottage and revel in evening bonfires while swapping safari stories—the serenity that surrounds you is bewitching.

Patan Mahal, Rajasthan
At Patan Mahal, history lovers will be thoroughly fascinated as they uncover tales of battles and discover hidden trap doors and secret tunnels. A privately owned heritage property that exudes an irresistible rustic flavour, Patan Mahal is a good place to get a taste of old-world Rajasthani hospitality.

Sukoon, Jammu and Kashmir
Kashmir’s beauty can leave you astounded and in the midst of all that splendour exists one tiny, wondrous place to stay. Sukoon, a houseboat originally built in 1979, sits in a quiet spot at the end of a row of shikaras on Dal Lake—the looming snow-capped peaks shining in the distance and charming lotuses floating at arm’s length.

The Himalayan, Himachal Pradesh
Tucked away amidst orchards of cherry and apple, The Himalayan echoes the romance of a bygone era in the mountains. Built in the Victorian Gothic Revival style and perched at an elevation of 2003 m, the luxury resort is perfect for indulging your indolent side.

Soulitude in the Himalayas, Uttarakhand
Fresh mountain air, spectacular snow-studded views, long nature walks and warm hospitality—Soulitude in the Himalayas has just the right amount of ambience for a laidback vacation in the hills. Miles away from the chaos of the city, this hillside vacation home offers a luxurious getaway in the lap of nature.

Tree House Hideaway, Madhya Pradesh
For travellers who like their accommodation secluded, natural and rustic, Tree House Hideaway in Bandhavgarh offers all this and much more. Perched high into the trees of a 21-acre private jungle are five private thatched tree houses that merge splendidly into the surrounding greenery.

Orange County, Coorg
Perfumed with the subtly intoxicating aroma of coffee and spices, Orange County is ensconced a lush 300-acre plantation. Nestled amidst the cool rolling hills of Coorg, the resort is designed to help you forget the chaos of city life—here the only sounds you will hear are the chirping of birds and the blowing of wind through the infinite trees.

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  • Best Home Remedies For Chest Congestion
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    Chest congestion is a common infection which is caused due to inflammation of the lower tract of the respiratory system. It is one of the typical after-effects of cold and flu.
  • Home Remedies for Cold and Flu
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    One of the most popular winter beverages, hot chocolate, is chock full of amazing benefits. Not only does it keep you warm during the cold winter season, it can also boost your overall health.
  • Dec 29 , 2014
    Want to feel healthier and have lots of energy each day? There are a few essential things you should do to achieve this goal.
  • Oct 04 , 2014
    प्याज को बहुत से लोग उसकी दुर्गंध के कारण पसंद नहीं करते, पर इसके कई फायदे होते हैं जैसे इम्यूनिटी पावर बढ़ाना, चेहरे की झुर्रियों को दूर भगाना, आंखों की रोशनी बढ़ाना आदि। प्याज़ में कई एंटी-इन्फ्लामेटरी और एंटी-ऑक्सीडेंट होते हैं, जिससे यह शरीर को कई तरह की बीमारियों से प्रोटेक्ट करता है। आज हम आपको प्याज़ के कई और फायदे बता रहे हैं, जिसे जान लेने पर आप प्याज़ को अपनी रोज़ाना की डाइट में शामिल जरूर करेंगे।
    1. कोलेस्ट्रॉल बैलेंस करता है
    प्याज़ में पाए जाने वाले एंटी-बैक्टीरियल गुण कोलेस्ट्रॉल के स्तर को कम बनाए रखते हैं। इन्हीं एंटी बैक्टीरियल गुण के कारण ही इसे खाने से डाइजेस्टिव सिस्टम में भी सुधार होता है।
    2. दिल के लिए फायदेमंद
    कच्चा प्याज ब्लड प्रेशर को कंट्रोल करता है। इसमें मिथाइल सल्फाइड और अमीनो एसिड होता है। इसीलिए यह कोलेस्ट्रॉल को भी काबू में रखता है और दिल को बीमारियों से बचाता है।

    3. बालों के लिए फायदेमंद
    प्याज़ बालों के लिए बहुत अच्छा होता है। इसे खाने से या बालों में लगाने से बाल गिरने कम हो जाते हैं। साथ ही बाल काले भी होते हैं। इसके अलावा बालों पर इसका लेप लगाने से सफेद बाल की जगह काले बाल उगने शुरू हो जाते हैं।
    4. कैंसर से बचाव
    प्याज में सल्फर तत्व अधिक होते हैं। यह पेट, कोलोन, ब्रेस्ट, फेफड़े और प्रोस्टेट कैंसर से बचाता है। साथ ही, यह मूत्र संक्रमण की समस्या को भी खत्म करता है।

    5. डायबिटीज करे कंट्रोल
    रोजाना प्याज खाने से इंसुलिन सही मात्रा में बनता है। यदि आपको डायबिटीज़ है तो इसे भोजन के साथ रोज सलाद के रूप में खाएं।
    6.पथरी के लिए
    अगर आपको पथरी की शिकायत है तो प्याज आपके लिए बहुत उपयोगी है। प्याज के रस को चीनी में मिलाकर शरबत बनाकर पीने से पथरी से निजात मिलती है। प्याज का रस सुबह खाली पेट पीने से पथरी अपने-आप कटकर बाहर निकल जाती है।

    7. कब्ज करे दूर
    प्याज में मौजूद रेशे पेट के लिए बेहद फायदेमंद हैं। प्याज खाने से कब्ज दूर हो जाती है। यदि आपको कब्ज की शिकायत है तो कच्चा प्याज रोज खाना शुरू कर दीजिए।
    8. जुकाम से निजात दिलाए
    प्‍याज का सेवन सर्दियों में बहुत ही फायदेमंद होता है। इसमें ऐसे तत्व होते हैं जो शरीर को गर्मी पहुंचाते हैं। सर्दी, जुकाम, खराश आदि समस्‍या होने पर ताजे प्‍याज का रस बहुत फायदा करता है। इसे आप गुड़ या शहद मिलाकर भी ले सकते हैं।

    9. लू से राहत
    गर्मियों में प्याज खाने से लू नहीं लगती। लू लगने पर प्याज के दो चम्मच रस को पीना में मिलाकर पीना चाहिए और सीने पर प्याज़ के रस से मालिश करने पर बहुत फायदा होता है। लू से बचाव के लिए सफ़ेद प्याज खाना चाहिए।
    10. यौन शक्ति बढ़ाए
    हमेशा से शारीरिक क्षमता को बढ़ाने के लिए प्याज का इस्तेमाल होता आया है। प्‍याज खाने से सेक्‍स क्षमता बढ़ती है। पुरुषों के लिए तो प्‍याज सेक्‍स पावर बढ़ाने का सबसे अच्‍छा टॉनिक है। सेक्स की कमजोरी में सफ़ेद प्याज काफी फ़ायदेमंद होता है।

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